Masterclass: Working with Groups in Mindfulness-Based Interventions

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26th SEPTEMBER 2019

Working with Groups in Mindfulness-Based Interventions

With Maret Dymond and Marion Furr 



MBCT is a group programme, and therefore it is important that teachers acquire both the knowledge and skills to work with groups.

The day will offer opportunities for both theoretical and experiential learning. It will include some didactic teaching and small group work. We will practice teaching, using a variety of scenarios – exploring challenges and dynamics commonly present in most groups.



MBCT is a group programme, and therefore it is important that teachers acquire both the knowledge and skills to work with groups. In the workshop, we will focus on:

  • Understanding how a group develops – beginning, middle and ending.
  • The importance of building a sense of community, by creating a warm, supportive group environment – emphasising the common humanity and universal vulnerability.
  • Learning how to skilfully work with group processes and dynamics – how do we ‘hold’ the group whilst group processes/challenges/dynamics are going on?
  • Exploring ‘more or less’ skilful ways of working with group process – no ‘one right way’.
  • The role of the teacher in the group as an integral member


The day will offer opportunities for both theoretical and experiential learning. It will include some didactic teaching and small group work. We will practice teaching, using a variety of scenarios – exploring challenges and dynamics commonly present in most groups.


You are eligible for this training day if:

• You are actively working on the OMC’s MBCT teacher training pathway and have completed any of the modules, for example: an MBCT course as a participant, a silent retreat, or training days devoted to practice teaching in pairs or groups.

• You are a mindfulness teacher who is already teaching mindfulness-based interventions and you wish to increase your knowledge of these topics.



Maret Dymond


Who am I?

I work for the OMC teaching and researching Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP) and training others to teach these approaches. My professional background is Clinical Psychology: I have a clinical doctorate (DClinPsych) in Clinical Psychology as well as a research doctorate (PhD) in perinatal psychology.


What do I do?

I am the director of the foundational training of our MBCT teacher-training pathway. This involves selecting applicants who will train to teach at the OMC and supporting them through this journey by offering mentoring and training in how to teach MBCT and MBCP.
I have a long standing interest in attachment theory, postnatal depression and how to support new parents through the transition to parenthood. In conjunction with Dr Sian Warriner, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust (OUH), and doctoral students. I conduct research into the impact of offering expectant couples mindfulness during the perinatal period.
I also teach MBCT and MBCP to the general public, parents and expectant parents and groups of health and social care professionals at the OMC.


Why I love working at the OMC?

I feel privileged to work for the OMC, working, learning and collaborating with others with rich and varied backgrounds, skills and experiences; including the participants of the groups I teach, MBCT/MBCP trainee teachers, teachers, trainers and researchers, both nationally and internationally; sharing my passion for this work and commitment to exploring the scientific mental and physical health benefits of mindfulness.


Marion Furr


Who am I?

I am a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Executive Coach and Mindfulness Teacher with a passionate interest in personal and organisational wellbeing and development. Until August 2016, I was Director of Ministerial Business and Parliamentary Accountability at the Department of Health and Chair of the Staff Health and Wellbeing programme.


What do I do?

After training to teach MBSR and MBCT at Bangor and Oxford, I personally introduced Mindfulness to over 3,000 colleagues at the Department of Health and across the UK Civil Service.

Since retiring from the Civil Service in August 2016, I have continued in my role as a Trustee for the Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC) and as a member of the steering group for the Mindfulness Initiative (MI). I also continue to offer my services as a personal coach to civil servants, using Psychometric and Mindfulness approaches to support wellbeing and development.

I am currently working with husband Per Norrgren to establish the Algarve Centre for Mindfulness to promote and offer the benefits of mindfulness to both local and visiting populations in the Algarve and across Portugal.


Why I love working at the OMC

Since participating in my first MBCT programme in 2011, and realising for myself just how powerful mindfulness can be both as a therapeutic and as a wellbeing intervention, I have been a passionate advocate of mindfulness in my personal and professional life.

The OMC is at the forefront of research and dedicated to disseminating good practice, increasing access and spreading knowledge as widely as possible and I feel immensely proud and privileged to be able to play some part in this work



The masterclass will be taught in English with no translation into Portuguese.



Ser Integral: Portuguese Center for Mindfulness

Rua Álvares Cabral, 50





Tuition: 180€ + VAT (23%) = 221,40€


Lunch & refreshments: informations will be provided when you register.


Note: If you wish to register in all 6 Masterclasses the total amount to be paid is 1131,60 Euros (VAT Incl).




The number of places is limited, so we advise you register as soon as possible. Please support us by booking early to help us understand the demands and viability.


To register for the masterclass:

  • Make the payment of the value of the masterclass: 221,40€(fully refunded if we cancel or change the date).
  • Payment can be completed bank transference using the:

            IBAN: PT50 0035 0158 00018441030 71



(for international bank transferences you may need extra information than that provided above. Please get in touch with us via email to to obtain this information. Thank you.


  • Complete the Application Form available here
  • Send an email to with the name and date of the event you want to register, the completed registration form, the bank statement proof of payment and your certifcates showing your professional training in MBCT, MBSR or another mindfulness-based intervention program and your contact number to include in your registration.


On the first day you will have to pay lunch and refreshments directly at the venue of the masterclass for a total cost of 30,75€.


After receiving your email we will send you a reply confirming your place with information relating to the event. If you don't receive our reply please contact us.



  • If you cancel up to the 1st August 2019 you will receive a full reimbursement of the retreat minus an administration fee of 50 euros plus fee for the international bank transference.
  • After 1st August 2019 there will be no reimbursements for cancellations
  • If the event is cancelled due to an unexpected reason, Ser Integral: Centro Português de Mindfulness, will provide a reimbursement of 100% of the value paid for the masterclass, however we will not be responsible for any other costs (i.e., travelling and accommodation) associated with your participation in the retreat.
  • We recommend that flights are booked after confirmation that we have reached the minimum number of registrations to open the masterclass which will be on 1st August 2019 (until then we reserve the right to cancel or postpone if the course does not reach minimum numbers).


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